Hello WHI World ! So, I'm going to say something first. English is not my mother tongue so excuse me for any mistakes :)

I just got the idea of writing about my favorite brands so why not give it a try and write my first article as well ?!

Here we go...


adidas, fashion, and style image adidas image
adidas, black, and white image
adidas, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and shoes image
adidas, fashion, and girl image
Adidas is my #1 favorite.

Tommy Hilfiger :

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Image by Aaaurélie S.
jeans, tommy, and tommy hilfiger image fashion, jacket, and tommy image
fashion, tommy hilfiger, and style image
Tommy is always my second choice while searching for new clothes, especially the underwears <3

Calvin Klein :

fashion, Calvin Klein, and style image Image by prplcld
fashion, girl, and outfit image
fashion, Calvin Klein, and outfit image Calvin Klein, style, and jeans image
Calvin Klein, body, and fitness image
Calvin's Underwears are a must.

Vans :

vans, shoes, and black image vans, yellow, and shoes image
checkered, clothes, and comfy image
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accessories, vans, and ripped jeans image
Their shoes are irresistible.

Nike :

fashion, shoes, and nike image nike, fashion, and outfit image
nike, jeans, and black image
nike, shoes, and white image nike, couple, and black image
nike, fashion, and style image
Their sweatshirts win.

Hope you guys like this xx.