Oh, it's you. Come in. Can't fall asleep? Same. Maybe my favorite green tea gonna make me sleepy.Tastes like summer.I love it so much.

You know, everybody says that life doesn't make sense without love, and, it's true, but...but if you love your dog or plant on the sill, this love is 'wrong' or even not considered as love.

Once upon a time my bestie asked : "Who are you in love with?"
And I said:"Life.World."
She didn't really get what I meant.

I love this world. I love it for being unfair and imperfect. I love it's every day and every night. I love late night talks. For some reason I tell everything what my soul wants to tell when the day fades away and it gets dark. And I love it too.

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I love sun. I love when the rays hit your face and you get those freckles.
I love sunsets. It is the vision of sun falling in love with sky and disappearing together.

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I love animals. They teach you a lot.
I love people. You know, the ones you can tell the wildest shit on your mind.

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I love music. I love travelling with my headphones seeing how beautiful our planet is.
I love singing and playing the ukulele.
I love reading books and dive into those quotes.

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You know, I love meeting new people. I love acting goofy. I love dancing on the streets.
I love the smell of basement and gasoline. I love my mom's pie she makes on Sundays.
I love wildflowers. I love watching lovers. I love photograph.
I love getting the work done - I feel alive then.
I love joking and laughing. I love crying.
I love wearing makeup and being a walking piece of art.
I love waking up early when everybody's still sleeping.

I love World. I love Life. I love Living.

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Love is everywhere. It's not about humans only. My life wouldn't really have sense without love. And yours too.

I finished my tea and I'll better go sleep. Goodnight.

P.S. Huge inspo via one of my most powerful inspirations - youtuber Tasha Tale

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