I got a weird taste in music, I love to listen of nearly every genre of music as long as I feel like listening to it. Here are some examples from me when you want to try out different kind of music.

Poppy - Bubblegum Pop

Poppy is known for quite some time now, even though she's weird and have an unusual behavior and a lot of rumors are growing around here, I still love her music. Most of her songs have more meanings, but remember, a lot of rumors are theories.
Here are some examples of her:

poppy, thatpoppy, and that poppy image Image removed
Computer Boy
beauty, goals, and new image beauty, goals, and new image
Bleach Blonde Baby
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Moshi Moshi

Chase Atlantic - Alternative

Chase Atlantic is a band which is also new to me, but I love their music and it burned it's way directly to my heart.

chase atlantic image la, music, and music video image
alternative, cassie, and music image aesthetic, cassie, and alternative image

Marina And The Diamonds - Experimental Pop

Marina is a singer and I'd like to respect her own view on her music and that's the reason why I called this genre 'Experimental Pop Music' because she said it like that herself. And honestly, I wouldn't know in which genre I would put her, her music have a lot of different things in it which I love.

hollywood, marina diamandis, and marina and the diamonds image marina and the diamonds, hollywood, and marina diamandis image
aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image marina and the diamonds, marina diamandis, and i am not a robot image
I'm Not A Robot
marina and the diamonds, teen idle, and marina image grunge, marina and the diamonds, and blood image
Teen Idle

Varsity - Indie Rock/Pop

Varsity is a band and plays Indie Rock and Pop. I knew them when they were less known and I'm really happy that they made their way.

varsity, tea, and music image bands, music, and varsity image
Cult Of Personality
bands, music, and varsity image bands, music, and varsity image
Still Apart