hi eveyone! I've only recently discovered this article thing, and I'm so thankful! now we finally can use our words too. i wanted to use this article to introduce myself since this place is a very dear place to me. i think I've used this app for about five years now, and I'm so amazed how i´ve developed my taste because of this app! its crazy. interior, fashion, design and art has become and means so much more to me than i thought. and its so great that we have a place for these kind of things, for our hearts.

and we can send each other messages too! what a wonderful thing. i´d love to get to know people in this app, so please send me a message if you want to talk! i also wanted to say thank you for people who follow me. i don't have so many followers, but i love every single one!! it gives me such a great feeling knowing that someone actually wants to follow my hearts. I've kind of created my own "art" because of this app, creating different feeds. so it means the whole world to me if someone really follows that, cause this app is so dear to me.

well I'm ruining the point of this article haha, but anyhow, i just wanted to show you some of my hearts. I'm also interested in following people who have a bit of the same "feed" as me, so please notify me or follow me if you want to! ^^

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i really hope you found some inspiration! 💫