Hey there! I wanted to start writing so here we go!

Ten facts about me

  • My name is Mercedes, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Sierras Bayas a little town located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • I love reading and writing but I've never published anything before.
  • My favorite color is orange but I hate it in clothes (yeah It's weird haha) I love wearing black clothes.
  • I love traveling, I wish I could travel around the world someday.
  • I'm very shy, but when I get confident I am really friendly and extroverted.
  • I am learning how to love myself more and I'm trying to be in peace with my body.
  • I'm also trying to do more sports and eat more healthy.
  • I am very good at languages. I speak Spanish and English fluently,, and I am learning Portuguese.
  • I really, REALLY hate going to the beach.
  • My favorite tv serie is Gossip Girl, I love Blair, she is my inspiration in life, I admire hers determination. (and OBVIOUSLY I'm madly in love with Chuck Bass)

Hope you enjoyed this, xoxo!