Sometimes I have those days when I have absolutely no idea what to do. I can also have those days when I just feel... I don´t know. I just feel bored and "down" I guess.
So here are a few tips on what to do if you ever have a day like this. But remember that these tips are what makes me feel better.

Listen to good music

Listening to music is one of my favorite things on this list. I just feel so good when I listen to music and I definitely get in a better mood. I have an article on My January Playlist here if you want some tips on music:

Dance... a lot

So this one goes with listening to music. I am a dancer and I obviously love to dance. So, I just dance around in my room whenever I feel down. And trust me, even though I´m a dancer, it does not look good when I dance in my room.

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Sing, even if you suck

I love to sing, but I don´t really have the best voice. But when I´m home alone, I sing a lot ! Don´t get me wrong, I sing when my family is home too, but maybe not as loud. Singing just gets me in a good mood, you know? It´s the same here as with dancing. I don´t even try to sing good, I just sing (or, well, scream) any catchy song. I love to sing Should I stay or Should I go by The Clash just because it´s such a good song :)

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This is literally me.

Wear clothes you feel good in

If I ever feel down I do not wear "comfy, ugly clothes". I wear clothes I love and feel confident in. I don´t really have an explanation to why this gets me in a good mood, it just does.

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Be around people who make you feel good

And with this, I obviously mean friends and family. Just hang out with your friends (it doesn´t have to mean doing something, you could just hang out at home), or have some quality time with your family.

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My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
— Henry Ford


Laughing obviously makes you feel good and happy. Laughing is something you probably do with your friends so this goes with the previous one. If you can´t, or don´t want to hang out with freinds you could always watch some fun videos or comedy´s. (I haven´t done this article yet, but I´m planning on doing an article about my favorite series)

Be creative

With this I mean drawing, writing, reading too and anything else that is creative. I personally love all of these things (I´m a creative person) and they always help me feel better.

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Take pictures

This is kind of the same as being creative, but I wanted to do a separate section for this one.
Taking pictures is something I love to do. I take pictures of everything. You can take selfies, nature, objects - everything really. Afterwards, you can post them somewhere if you want to, but I usually just keep them in my photo album.

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Drink tea

The last one is drinking tea or whatever hot drink you want to drink. I usually do this while I´m reading or something like that. It just makes me feel so relaxed.

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Thank you for reading and I hope this helped you :)