So I was doing some research for school and found out something really interesting.

First things you need to know, is that I love theories. Not the weird creepy conspiracy theories, but the kinds from philosophers. Yea, I'm that girl ...

So yeah, research and school, sounds boring but actually is not! I have to write an essay about Greek philosophers and you make me the happiest student ever with that assignment ahah.

((Quick note: I'm not religious, so don't judge me if I say something ..))

I came across this one theory and I've read so much about it the last few hours. It's a which says this life could be just a shadow from reality .. yeah? We are living in a shadow from reality.

What if it's true? What if we only see a shadow from what's
really happening above us? And how big is the chance we will go to 'reality'?

And then, what if we are in reality eventually. Is that what we really want? Do we really want to be in the reality or is the shadow a safer place? Is reality more dangerous than the shadow is? I mean if this is just a shadow, does that mean everything is more difficult and feels stronger here or does that mean that it's only a softer version of reality?
Is reality a better version of the pain we have here or will it only be worse?

This fascinates me so much and I've been thinking about it for a long time now, non-stop.

Yeah, I just wanted to share that ahah.

Guess who's finally back ahaha, I'm so bad at keeping my promises. Anyways, I'm back now and we'll see where it ends