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Girlboss -

A #Girlboss is in incharge of her life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.
Sophia Amoruso

A girlboss is a person who combines hardwork, intelligence and creativity to do something great. She is willing to work hard for what she wants, and is a badass.

We all have a hidden girlboss in us. In this article, I will be telling you how you can emerge that girlboss in yourself and kick ass.

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↳ Be one step ahead -

The early bird catches the worm. A girlboss is planning while others are dreaming, she's studying while others are sleeping and she's achieving while others are trying. Always be one step ahead. Learn topics due later to be learnt, wake up early, and complete assignments first. Always be the person who says - 'I've already done it.'

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↳ Be confident -

Better an oops than a what if. Don't be afraid to speak out or take risks! Go for chances and opportunities, because you never know what they might bring. Be confident in your looks, body, mindset and work. However, don't be selfish. A girlboss takes pride in her achievements, but she doesn't turn a blind eye to others' achievements either.

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↳ Be productive -

Don't be busy, be productive. Be organized and plan everything. Be in charge of your life and take responsibilities. Make a to do list and then tick everything down on it. Remember, every bit of hard work will pay off and it's better to revise your test than go out partying (although you may do both at different times and in different situations.) Don't procrastinate, instead start your work with a lot of motivation and see where it leads you.

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↳ Be polite and nice -

Don't mistake politeness for lack of strength. Just because you're a bad bitch doesn't mean you shouldn't be nice. Be kind and caring to everybody, and always stay humble internally and externally, no matter how great you may be. A girlboss always knows when to throw punches and when to take them, This point will help you improve as a person as well as a girlboss.

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↳ Be stylish (in your own skin) -

Love yourself. Always be ready, with your hair done and your outfit and makeup on point. Be the one who flips her hair back and comfortably walks to the stage when called upon unexpectedly. However, this doesn't mean that you should lose your own style. Love yourself as you are, and believe in yourself. Your starting believing and loving yourself, it can be the beginning of something amazing. Be your own person but emanate the girlboss aura along the way.

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↳ Be determined and motivated.

Go for it. Be passionate about what you want and love, set goals for yourself and then work hard. Be willing to take responsibilities and do whatever is needed to be done to complete your goals. Show up, give the interview and ace it. Show up, impress everybody and be remembered. Charge with full ethusiasm at your goals, and make fortune bow down to you. When you pour your heart into something, amazing things can and will happen.

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To conclude, if you channel your motivation, passion, hardwork, good will and confidence into hustling, success will probably run to you. I really hope all you queens out there found this article helpful! Do send me a postcard.

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Yours truly,

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