HEY! First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DARLINGS!!! I hope you had a great start so far and can enjoy 2018.
"New year, new me.", thats my quote for the year, but honestly... nothing changed, I´m still the lazy old "me", which I really wanted to change. So I started 'new' last week with the real:" new year, new me", and it's working :)
I hope I can help you a bit with some tips for a motivational 2018.

what is motivation ? Even if it's motivation for school, work, eat healthier or do sports... its all the same!
First o all you have to set a goal. What do you want to achieve ?

Nobody else can 'give' you motivation. I can help you motivation yourself, but you are the one, who has to get off their couch and work for your goal. Its all in your hand.

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me personally,i like seeing people to do the things I need to get motivated for. If I have to study, I look up some study pictures on weheartit and it motivates me in a way.

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3. THE 1,2,3 RULE
I found out this trick, which helps me so, so much. The 1,2,3 rule is basically a trick which helps you get up, when you're lazy. When you're sitting on your couch or wherever and you really know that you actually had to study or work out, count from 3 to 1 and when you reached the 1, stand up and do your work. But don't abuse this trick, then it won't work anymore.

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it feels good to get something done, which you were dealing with the past time. Even if its sport: doesn't it feel good to do something for your health, getting fit and have a bomb body? Or for studying: doesn't it feel good to get an A in the test and make your parents proud ?
And in the end of the day it feels better, when you got something done you wanted.

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5. stop dreaming, start doing!
The point of a productive life is always you! Everyone has to work for their goal and we should take some time to work for the things we want to achieve in life. You can't say you want a perfect body and do nothing for that! So get up and start, for a motivational 2018!

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I hope I could help you a bit with these 5 tips and tricks to get motivated and have a great year.
wait... don't go! Make sure to check out my other posts too! 💋