I'm afraid you cannot see me, yet I'm afraid you can. I can hear your footsteps as they slowly approach but I'd rather stay still, not turning around to look you in the face. I've messed it all up so far. What if I've created a monster, so ugly and appalling that I'd live with ongoing nightmares so long as I live just at the sight of your face?

It's my fault, but it is? I just follow the rules I've been told to follow but I'm feeling something within. There's a lump in my throat as my head gets messier inside. I'm guilty but so is everyone around me. It's odd, they seem to go about their days with an empty conscience as they destroy humanity with a single dirty glance at that stranger passing by and with the toss of good food barely an hour old.

Why do I feel this way? Why can't I sleep at night? Why do I feel broken inside, as though I've harmed those around me and those I cannot see? Because you have. You have. You're the reason they're hungry and cold, oppressed and voiceless. You. You've heard about how they suffer yet chose to remain silent. Your actions have affected those around you and those thousands of miles across the world. Turn around. Face me.

I'm stone cold in my place, chills running down my spine. Its all become raw and real. I simply can't face you. My shame and fear has overcome me. I've always taken advantage of that which I have; passing my duties on to the nest person who'll simply pass it onto the next, till we're all saying "someone else can do it. Someone else can start the change." You're the someone. Be the change

~ Bannan

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