What do you feel now?Is it pain?Disappointment?Tiredness?
I know what is it and I deal with it. Every day I feel all these feelings. I am 15. I do not quite know who I to the figure. I do not even know what I. We all are lost in this age. Every minute we contest with itself. I know that you feel. And I want to support you.
Go out on a street. No, in earnest, go out. Heave up a head upwards. Do you see sky? And what is it colors? For you it is raining?Or very sunny?Or can there be a night? And what was it yesterday? And a month ago?
All changes, nice. I understand how it is difficult to live in 21 century. As difficult to be a teenager. But what would have happened to you , No matter how many problems you had - All requires time. Once, you will go away in the most warm country in the world. Where your sky will always be clear. Never give up. Do not give to the world to kill light in you. You are really strong. You are the sun in your sky.
ps - I am from ukraine and in real life i speak in ukrainian or russian\sorry if i have done mistakes/ be happy