Hello and welcome to another article! As you may have heard and read in various occasions, a lot of times the little things are those who make us happy.

Today I am listing some things that can be considered little but that we should appreciate more.


1. when someone smiles at you

girl, black and white, and smile image girl, beauty, and people image

2. finding a really good song

beautiful, gold, and kitty image music, aesthetic, and theme image

3. genuine laughter

alternative, bald, and fashion image love, couple, and old image

4. genuine compliments

girl, friends, and friendship image girl, friends, and tattoo image

5. when someone holds the door for you

holding door image Image by mags

6. when someone is really interested in what you're telling them

couple, love, and boyfriend image skam, sana, and couple image

7. feeling very comfortable in bed

girl, hair, and white image Image removed

8. having a specially nice meal

girl, food, and tumblr image food, sandwich, and healthy image

9. finishing your tasks

girl and fashion image dressmaker, fashion, and fashion designer image

10. finding money in your clothes

money, jeans, and theme image aye, money, and ripped jeans image

11. when you drop a pencil and someone picks it up for you

book, class, and girl image japan, school, and asian image

12. when people you care about are happy

beautiful, goals, and hug image couple, goals, and love image

13. when your pet greets you

dog, cute, and animal image animal, bunny, and rabbit image

14. succeeding in something you've worked hard for

girl image blue, workout, and body goals image

15. watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise

girl, sunrise, and wanderlust image girl, city, and sunset image

16. when someone offers to share their umbrella with you

love, couple, and black and white image city, rain, and couple image

I hope you liked this article and that you appreciate all the little moments in your life.

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)


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