Hello! This is a mock heroic I wrote a few years ago and wanted to share it because it's pretty relatable (at lease for me). I hope you like it!! (:

The only thing that kept me from drifting were the heavy, booming voices. There was a constant interruption. I only wished the voices could slow everything. But yet again, I wouldn’t drift. The voices finally faded with agreement. There was hardly any time left for the voices to continue. I was almost there, I was so close to drifting. And now, I was finally drifting. It was tiring, gladly. Minutes passed, and soon enough, the empty room echoed with screaming color. It didn’t have anymore time to be empty, and now the walls weren’t naked. It was too much to handle. Too many scenarios, too many wishes, too much procrastination. Every voice seemed to be against me, they kept me awake. I only wish I could fall into a deep sleep, forever.

thank you for reading! have an awesome week!
-Allie xoxo