to be honest
i hate this world, i just hate this place
since the human race was developed, we had a opportunity to make this world a better place
we are responsible for everything
we are responsible for terrorism, sexism, racism, child marriage, rape, sexual assaults, pedophiles, homophobia etc.
all these things, all these subjects are so fucking inhuman
i don't know why this even exists
we live in 2018, and shit like these things happens
we are supposed to leave racism, terrorism etc. centuries ago
but we didn't
we always have a chance to make this world a better place,
then why shouldn't we?
why do we care so much about money?
we would do anything for money
we would do the worst stuff, to get money
we don't care about our humanity
you know, i'm just a stranger
but i don't have the same minds like these people
i know what i'm doing
just wait, one day, the humanity will die
the humanity will die because we are the problem
we are slowly killing ourselves without noticing
i thought we had a brain, but clearly we don't
and i'm not saying this to all of you
there are some good people over there, people who cares
people who cares about our world, people who cares about these subjects
but that's not enough
just the thought of these subjects are making me sick
that these things still exists in 2018 is disgusting
let's make this world a better place, shall we?
but my one and only question is: are we going to succeed to make the world a better place?