Hey Dreamers!!

Some of you may noticed that I'm a total A.R.M.Y. In this article I will show you my favorite songs to listen to depending on my mood. So have fun!

Have Fun In Life

aesthetics, chibi, and red image kpop, bts, and taehyung image bts, snow white, and v image gif, rm, and jimin image

Enjoy Bangtan's beautiful faces and find your inner TaeTae

Go Go
21st Century Girl
Boys with Fun
War Of Hormone
Spin Breaker
My City

Working Out

gif, not today, and jimin image
Not Today Performance

When I really need to work out or go for a run Not Today is a must!

I also listen to those songs:

Silver Spoon
BTS Cypher pt. 4
Come Back Home

Feel Myself

fanart and bts image
Mic Drop

Sometimes you have to let out your inner Beyonce or Suga

Mic Drop
We Are Bulletproof pt.1&2
August D (technically not from BTS but who cares ?!)
No More Dream

Deep Emotion

gif, jin, and v image gif image bts, jimin, and suga image and, blood, and choreography image gif, bts, and jimin image jimin, bts, and kpop image
Blood Sweat and Tears and its killing parts!! I can not get over this MV.

Gosh, this Playlist is for those with those kind of vibes.
Emotions like affection, passion, excitement, desire, despaire, rage and sexual frustration are the key elements. Or just imagine that you are going to have the best/worst night of your life

Blood Sweat and Tears
Pied Piper
I Need U
I Need U Remix
Boy Meets Evil


bts, butterfly, and rj image
You're a true A.R.M.Y when you get this

For my inner Romantic

Spring Day
Butterfly Remix
You Never Walk Alone
Young Forever
Love Is not Over Yet
Save Me
Whalien 52

Let Go

gif, beyond the scene, and bts image gif, beyond the scene, and bts image
Run MV

On some days I have to let get go of everything and just focus on myself

Run (Remix)