I hate it when I'm sick or on my period when I go on wintersport. In this article I'm going to tell you how I handle this and how you can prevent it.

The flu

When you have the flu, you're sick. Most of all you have to stay in bed the whole day. So, you're not able to ski. How can you prevent it?

  • Eat healthy two weeks before you go. Eat vegetables and fruits and less fat and carbohydrates. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat fat and carbohydrates at all because you also need it, but eat it less.
  • When you can't eat vegetables or you can't sit in the sun, take some vitamins. It'll make you stronger, your body can beat the viruses now.
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A cold

When you have a cold, you're not really sick but it is just really annoying. You can prevent having a cold to do the same things as the flu. When you have a cold, don't worry; when you're skiing it's less because of the clean air in the mountains.

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There is only one thing you can do; take the pill. You don't know how your body reacts to the hormones, so start two weeks before you go. You don't have to do this when you recently have had your period of course.

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What if you already have it?

You can't do anything about it anymore. The only thing you can do is to make sure you'll be better soon. Stay eating, it keeps you strong! You can also take medicines. If you have your period, go skiing. Take some painkillers, wear double underpants and tampons and just enjoy skiing. When you're skiing, you have distraction from your pain. You don't feel it anymore.

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I hope I helped some of you. If you can, have fun with skiing!
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