This week we start off with Jupiter moving away from it’s sextile to Pluto, and then Mercury conjuncting Pluto on the 24th.

Mercury then goes on to sextile Jupiter on the 25th. Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius on the 26th and Mercury squares Uranus on the 28th.

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Communications are very much a theme this week. The end of last week, and perhaps early this week may have you feeling optimistic and eager to take on new challenges, particularly in regards to shared finances and resources. In the workplace, words can be powerful but they can also be very intense, so try to read your audience before speaking. The desire to broaden your horizons in some way, whether via travel, study or exploring a new philosophy is likely to be very strong near the end of the week. Time spent with friends and networking are likely to go very well at this time.


Far horizons and your worldview are likely to be your top issues this week. You likely start the week feeling optimistic and upbeat in regards to something that you and your partner have been discussing. Early on, you may find that your views or opinions cause some tension and perhaps some intense discussions with others. You may find that the biggest change or surprise this week is that you change what you thought you believed or knew about yourself. Work goes well for you at this time.


There could be some intense discussions focused on shared finances and resources this week. This may impact your day to day routines in some way, your health or your work with others Mars enters your relationship zone near the end of the week and can bring passion and energy but also fights and anger if things are not going well. A friend may have some interesting advice for you at this time, try not to dismiss what they say as out of hand just because it sounds left of center. The desire to travel and/or broaden your horizons in some way will be strong now.


Your relationships are likely to be intense at this time. Early in the week, a discussion with your partner, either business or romantic, is likely to pull no punches and expose what needs to be brought to light. This needn’t be a bad thing, in fact, for some, this will create a closer bond. Your day to day routines and health are likely to be areas that you are focusing on at this time as well as shared resources and finances. Someone at work may be being stubborn and refusing to see others point of view, hopefully, that person isn’t you.


Relationships take up more of your time at this point but you are also focused on your health, daily routines, and work relationships. In the workplace, there may be a confrontation of some sorts with a co-worker, client or boss. In your home life, you should be feeling upbeat and may have just finished up some sort of project. You are looking to have a bit more fun and to spend more time with those that you love and doing what brings you joy.


Those that you love and the things that bring you joy may just bring you some heartache at times this week. There may be an issue related to your children, a lover or in relation to a hobby or creative pastime of yours that needs discussion. This talk is likely to be intense and may be rather confronting in some ways. This is likely to be needed though and will ultimately be for the good. Work, your health and your relationship with co-workers should be rather positive at this time. Over the next few months, you are likely to be taking on more at home, quite possibly becoming involved in some project related to your home or family.


Things should be lightening up for you in a lot of regards, and you are likely to have more time for the things and people in your life that you enjoy most. Money matters are likely to have you feeling optimistic and buoyant about your plans at this time. A discussion with a family member may turn out to be a little more confronting than you would prefer, but likely needs to be done. Near the end of the week, you may find you and your partner unable to come to an agreement about some matter. Over the next few months, you are likely to be a lot more vocal in general, and busy with catching up with siblings and those in your local area.


Communications, for better or worse are very much the focus of your week. The first part of the week is likely to bring a conversation that becomes rather intense. It could also be that you yourself are a lot more interested in plumbing the depths of a situation. For the next few months, finances and your self-esteem are likely to be where you put a lot of your time and energy. The end of the week could bring a disagreement with a work colleague with neither of you willing to concede ground. Home and family should be good at this time though.


Money matters are likely very much on your mind at this time and the early part of the week could bring a potentially confronting and intense discussion. I am guessing though that you feel optimistic about your ability to quickly right the situation. You will certainly have more energy and vigor to get out and do what is needed of you in the next few months. When it comes to communications in general, this is a time when you are able to get your views across well and with quite a bit of tact.


Friends are an important part of your life and at this time will help you keep your spirits up and remind you of your dreams when you start to doubt the validity of them. How you present yourself to the outside world is a topic that is likely to be of great interest to you at this time. It may be that an event occurs or a discussion is raised that really goes to the heart of something that has kept you from feeling like you can fully express yourself in some way in public. Money is likely to be good for you at this time.


You are likely to have been doing a lot of thinking about what is important to you, your values and how far you have come along. This introspection may reveal something to you this week that effects you profoundly. You are likely to spend more time catching up with friends and networking in groups and organizations over the next few months. In general,this is usually a great time to be out and about. Others view you favorably and you should be feeling pretty good about yourself at this time.


This is a time of year when you usually withdraw from others more and take time out to recharge your batteries. Your relationship with friends or one in particular could be particularly intense in the first part of the week. Issues related to finances, self-worth and possessions could be partially involved in all this. Your ambition to achieve at work gets a boost late in the week and for the next few months you will be putting a lot of your energy into your career.