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this article is going to be about how to love life, be happier, healthier, cure sadness, love yourself, be positive, and basically all about little but very important things you can do to fill all this time that is given to you with beautiful memories. Its time for you to feel better...♥
lets start...♥

self-love, self-care
give yourself time. to love. to live. to explore. to wonder. to smile. to laugh. to cry. be a better you, for you. do not obsess with your flaws. imperfection makes you perfect. obsess with the things you love about yourself. think about what makes you happy, not about what makes you sad. take care of yourself. self love and care are the first step to a better life.

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motivation, inspiration
seek for things that make you feel like everything is better. search for some positive quotes that you love and your goals, then write them down. make your happiness journal or happiness board stick some beautiful photos of things that you love, or flowers, everything basically. make something that you can look at and feel calm, happy, inspired.

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healthy lifestyle
drink water. eat healthy. exercise
your goal is to take care of yourself. to improve your lifestyle. make yourself a priority. the body achieves what mind believes. think about how happy you will be when you have the healthy body.

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surround yourself with people you love and deserve your time. positive people who push you to be your best self. help people. we rise by lifting others. be a better friend. talk about visions and ideas. and stay away from toxic people. know your worth.

take pictures, make art, write, read
do what makes the flowers of your soul bloom. create. inspire. be inspired.

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a little note for you...

thank you for reading this. I hope you are happy. always have hope, achieve your goals, be a good person, take care of yourself and share the positive vibes with people you love. you are not alone.


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