I have a playlist called "mellifluous" on Spotify (id: anastasiahvk) with some underrated songs in it, but some are very famous songs. I think not so many people know these songs, but I found these songs very.. how should I say this.. soothing in my ears? Here I want to share to the world what's inside my "Mellifluous" Playlist:

1975, barcode, and musics image

1. Two Door Cinema Club - Ordinary
2. The Shins - Young Pilgrims
3. The Shins - Gone For Good
4. The Paper Kites - Bloom (I really think everyone should know this band)
5. The Paper Kites - Featherstones
6. Jose Gonzales - Heartbeat
7. Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
8. The Paper Kites - Electric Indigo
9. Wallows - Pleaser
10. HUNNY - Parking Lot
11. HUNNY - Colder Parts
12. Billie Eilish - ocean eyes
13. The Hunna - Piece by Piece
14. The Japanese House - Saw You in A Dream
15. Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl
16. Capital Cities - Swimming Pool Summer
17. Big Data, Joywave - Dangerous
18. Michael Kaneko - Crack in The Ceiling

Try them out, those are just 18 from 222 songs in the playlist. I know that my taste might be weird for some people, but really, for me those are the real musics (ones that are never on the radio). But that's just my taste. If you feel like we have the same taste, message me, give me a follow too on my spotify! :) I would love to share more, and I would love to follow anyone with awesome playlist <3