hello, future me.

if you're reading this letter- congratulations! you made it.
i hope this was a great year for you.

i hope you have found the kind of friends that you have wanted. i hope that you have found the people who treat you well, who make you laugh, who don't judge you and truly make you happy. if you have then please don't take those people for granted. appreciate them and try to be there for them.

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i'm a mess right now, but i hope to get better.
i hope you have gotten better.

i don't know if i would have changed by the end of this year, but i hope that i have. i hope that i have conquered some of my fears. i hope that i have achieved something and found a goal, something to put my heart and soul into.

you know much i have struggled. you know how each night i go to sleep hoping that i don't wake up the next morning. but i hope you have now found something to hold on to. something or someone that makes you wanna wake up each day.

and even if you haven't achieved any of these things, i hope you still keep pushing through. don't lose hope. you have survived a year, you can go through another one too.

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also i hope that you have stopped being such a lazy ass and gotten that glo up that you have been waiting for so long (i know i'm cringe lol)

— 23/01/17

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