Are you okay?
- A tiny voice in my head asked me.
girl and sad image

I didn’t know what to say, I don’t have a reason not to be but still can’t find happiness around me.
I’m a paradox, can’t help it. How did I become this way?
Did I just wake up one day and boom i became like this?

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How do I befriend my mind? How do I make it stop working against me.
Is that even possible? Is any of this possible?

Should I still have faith in recovery? I’m happy during the day and ready to die at the end of the night.
Is that even normal ? Is this normal or something to be concern about?

fire, heart, and pain image
am I gonna survive this?

Do I even want to? I’m not sure anymore, in one moment I’m ready to overcome everything and in the next I’m sitting on the floor with hand over my mouth trying to silent my cries.

pain, quotes, and sad image
I’m both scared and in love with a thought of death.
crying, emotionless, and sad image