This is one of the many events that have happened in my life and I feel like I need to share these stories. Maybe these can help someone or someone might be able to relate.

This is the first...

This weekend and its gloomy, bitter feel left me with chills down my back in remembrance of it. Wretched sounds of car engines and rotten smells of gasoline poured in an admirable house. The heat of my bothers anxious breath next to me and his protective gaze staring directly at the creaking door left me and my younger brother now trembling with fear. Calling for the desired comfort of my mother with no response left me in a puzzled and devastated state of mind. Darkness was all to see because of the dreaded bedtime, but as still and quiet as the room was a muffled yell was then presumed to be my father. Roars back and forth, father to mother, aunt to uncle filled the once warm house with a tearful, ugly presence. In this room the nonchalant feeling left as a haunted, impatient one became more apparent and no one not even my older brother could resist falling into a state of discouragement.

With blood rushing to my head as I harshly stare at the innocent door, loud thumps sound to be coming my way. With no clue of what the loud thump was my seemingly courageous uncle with heavy breath informed us that we had to “pack our bags”. My uncle in rapid disappearance left us to gather our belongings. My brothers so fast and orderly ran out the door without me. In an enormous tote bag I put what I thought I would need. With no knowledge of what was going to transpire it ended up to be the wrong belongings. Anxiety rushed through my chest as I opened the door to the rest of the house. My loving aunt lead me to the door as I past the grandparents I had lived with for the majority of my lifetime and their concerned looks gave me another rush but this time it was not anxiety it was sadness. Not knowing at all where my mother was I trusted my aunt to take me where I needed to go.

Opening the wood almost movie like door I finally heard those muffled sounds from before clearly. Seeing my caring mother cry felt like the weight of the world was crashing down on me. Still by my aunts side we rocked back and forth as she asked me questions I did not understand. I soon left in an instance towards my mother. Her hug was as tight as it could get and her trembling voice and tears in hear eyes made my emotions go crazy. A single tear fell down my face and it rolled down to my mouth. Mixed with the cold blissful air I tasted the tear and its salty presence. I knew that this night was going to make a tremendous impact on my life. My father separated me from my mother and with slight hesitation I followed him and his demanding voice into the car. My window rolled down and the mix of the warm and cold air, I said my goodbyes to the rest of the emotional family members. Impatience from my father showed as he sped down the street. His voice not as caring as I thought it would be. The final words I vividly remember from that evening are the simple, “Your mom and I wont be living with each other anymore and your going to stay with me for awhile”. The recurring question of why playing in my head left me in complete silence. My life would be changed forever and it would all be because of that one awful night. The importance of it will forever be stuck with me and with it will always bring a whirlwind of different emotions weather those are happy, sad, or emotions of confusion.