Hi, dear readers. Today I want to start my Minimalism series, which I really like and try to use for the last 2 years. Before going into ‘To-do’s, I would like to emphasize the mindset, because i know, it will be really hard to start throwing the stuff without changing our minds. So, let’s start with the question: Why choose minimalism?

1- It clears your mind

After having tons of different clothes in every shape and colour, I knew that it was ridiculous because honestly, i only wear like 25% of them (by the way, there are so many istatistics shows that people really wear their 20%-30% of their wardrobes) And more i have clothes, more it gets difficult to choose what to wear. And the rest goes like a chain; I change my clothes so many times and I get mad, then I get late and always forget something at home, then I miss the bus and be late to work, then I get mad again for he rest of the day. (this is a 100% accurate representation of my daily life.)

If you have less stuff, you will have less things to think and worry about, believe me.

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2- Everything you have is more reachable

Once you have less things, you know where your stuff are and the risk of losing them is lower (unless you are extremely disorganized).

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3- You will have more money in your pocket

Let’s think about that beautiful top that is so trendy right now. Probably you won’t wear it next year. It is not bad to buy beautiful things every once in a while but we need to think if we will use it in long terms. We live in a society that calculates your value by the things you own and in the same society it’s so hard to gain money. But why don’t we keep the money and spend it on something you will remember for the rest of our lives? Like going to that city you always wanted to see, or playing laser tag with your friends..

Image by Kylie

4- You will have less things to clean!

Nobody likes cleaning anyway… 😊

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5- It helps saving the planet!

Fast-food and Fast-fashion literally destroys our world. Just think that, only a pair of jeans takes 7,000 litres of water to produce.

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That was it for the first episode of the minimalism series. I mostly think about clothing for this article but minimalism is really wider than that. Thank you for reading until this very end and see you again!

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