I don't think you can constitute at once what it is that drives a search. The scientific method is questing explanations, testing probabilities, looking for connections and maybe some clues as to understanding of a phenomena observed before. Science, I guess it is the quest for answers. It reminds me of the beginning of life where your natural curiosity either gets you in trouble or gets you by. Like the one Temple praised the children for having. 'What would happen if I squeeze the cat a little bit tighter?'

Freud would probably say: it has something to do with sex. Or childhood.

I my case, it could have been the lack of something. Sex. Answers. Or childhood. Or all of them.
For some, life seems to be a little but one long attempt to escape childhood and all the fears of it.
That's what many of us are doing, that’s what I am trying not to do. Running away doesn’t solve problems, because just like rain that falls at every square meter under the cloud, the issues pray even on travelling minds.

I remember that I always loved beauty. I was tantalised by it. There was not a beautiful person, a boy or a girl, a child or an adult, at whom I could not look. Nor a beautiful feeling I could not cherish. Not even a beautiful moment I wanted to last or be repeated. No such sound that would make me tremble. Beauty is the underlining pattern that surrounded me in my life. Not that I consider myself to be beautiful in any way. The trait of that quest is that the beauty perishes. I experienced it as a fragile structure that cannot bend with the wind.

’Beauty is a conceptual idea based upon childish impressions and cultural stereotypes’ - said the Sherlock.

To me, beauty was peculiar. I guess it has a lot to do with symmetry. Instead of defining it, I would rather give examples.

For me, what's beautiful is the pain of a acknowledging your own achievements. Lara Croft, especially in the Legend. Snow, on Christmas Eve, bringing back these childish expressions of joy and expectations. Every snowflake unlike the other. An haut couture dress by Valentino, inspired by the ancient roman sculptures and their perfect proportions. Natalia Vodianova, the woman of regular features. Batman and the determination of his spirit. ”Dancing with the bear” by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. The french language.

I could name many more now, and some other examples will emerge as the book unravels, provided that you, my dear reader, wish to pursuit beauty with me through the next pages.

This book is not a biography, but it is based upon the facts. These events happened to me, and I don't regret any of them. I am ashamed of some, but there is really no time for regrets in life. I like to think about writing it all down as a sort of therapy. Maybe by integrating them into a story I can integrate them into my own life. Now I feel strangely detached from what supposedly happened to me, from my first birthday up till the recent years.

I nurtured this idea for a long time. I hope I am ready. Maybe this pursuit isn’t just mine: maybe it is a part of every persons life. Or maybe it’s just me being me.

I hope that by embracing oneself you may be able to understand yourself too.

Good luck on the Pursuit of Beauty!