Good morning!! I've been seeing many Hearters creating such lovely Article content recently on We Heart It. I've noticed how hard some have been working towards becoming Recognized Writers as well! I wanted to help those of you who are interested in the program to become Recognized Writers by sharing a few of my own tips and tricks on how to get there!

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Keep To The We Heart It Standard
First things first! Always keep to the Whi standard. Do not promote violence or any negativity that may bring down another person. We Heart It is known for Inspiring people. Yes you can write about your lousy day or even a sad poem but do not incite negativity upon your readers. There is a difference.

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Good Quality Content
Produce good quality content that is informative and unique. My best advice is to write about something that you love and your true passion will show. Whether its on makeup, fashion or empowerment. These are all great topics for producing quality content!

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Make Sure You Would Want To Read Your Own Work

Write articles that you, yourself would not scroll past. Think of the things that attract you to read someone else's article. Is it there writing style, the pictures they use or the catchy titles that get you? Ask yourself these questions and work on your articles from there.

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Be Consistent

Write consistently. Choose days to post and keep up to it and gain an audience. Even if its of 30 people. Its okay!! Just be consistent in your articles and this will eventually attract more readers to your content.

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See The Similarities In Recognized Writers

A good way to get an idea of who the WHI Team chooses as recognized writers is by learning from recognized writers themselves. Stalk them a little, see when they post, how often, what they're posting on, how many 'Hearts' they're getting for their posts to see what the WHI Hearters love reading the most.

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Current Recognized Writers on Whi:

I hope you've enjoyed this article and it was insightful to you! If you have anymore questions, I'm only a postcard away!

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