My dear angel.

I just saw your new video.
It truly shattered me to pieces,
I admit i almost cried.

Honestly, life has been unfair lately.
It's still hard for me to admit that you're gone.

I'm sad to think you won't ever perform that song here.
Makes me want to scream and cry
at you.

But I respect that you wanted to
end the pain.

I still think,
what could've have been if
I went with you.

But seeing you on that video.
Gave me some kind of closure.

It was good seeing you smile.
Indeed, Jonghyun you are shining,
in my heart, in the sky,
in the world.

My Angel,
I still haven't forgotten you.
Sweet dreams My Angel.
♥︎ Jonghyun 사랑해. ♥︎