Have you always wanted to be a Disney Princess? Well now you can! Learn how to dress like a Disney Princess!! (seriously trying to sell this article!)
I don't know if there's already an article on this, but this came to me in my dreams! (Seriously weird right!) Well let's cut to the chase! BTW I'm just doing casual, contemplating on doing a formal version!

ALL THE LOOKS ARE INSPIRED BY THE DISNEY PRINCESSES! These are just my opinion on how I see each princesses style and I only did the first 9 princesses! I might do a part 2.

1. Snow White

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Snow White is portrayed as naive, gentle, cheerful and very optimistic and trusting. I think to portray her style would be a very gentle, sweet and innocent look with colours found from her dress, colours such as yellow, red and blue with the addition of white. I would go for oversized jumpers in plain colours paired with a light coloured skater skirt or jeans in a light wash. Dresses should be very simple to keep a sort of an innocent look going on.

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For hair and makeup I would keep it at a minimum except for rosey cheeks and a bright red lip. I would choose a more pink blush, less bronzer and more highlight as Snow White is such a gentle girl. For hair I would curl it (for those with straight hair) and then leave it out with a bowtie headband in red or black.

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2. Cinderella

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Cinderella's characteristics are kindness, gratitude, grace and optimism. To me it seems as though she's very graceful so her clothing style would be more of a "feminine" style of clothing in a very light colour palette, something easy on the eyes. I would try pale blues, whites, greys and maybe black. I would choose a blouse (the striped ones just looked really cute, sort of sophisticated and girly.) with white jeans or a skater shirt with the blouse tucked in. Dresses I choose a knit dress with a winter jacket as they worked well together and I could definitely imagine Cinderella wearing it.

beauty, light, and theme image blue, skirt, and pastel image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image

For hair and makeup I would go for a more natural look, as she is described as such a gentle girl. Choose more brown shades for eyeshadow, a light blush, highlight and bronze and for lips more pink or nude lip glosses instead of lipsticks. For hair a bun of any sorts and for an even more 'cinderella' look you could pair it with a pale blue headband.

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3. Aurora

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Aurora is described as kind, naive, shy and sophisticated. So i decided to choose a more sophisticated look as Cinderella and Snow White were already very natural and innocent looks. For Aurora I choose pale pinks and blues inspired by her gowns. I choose more sophisticated looks with blazers and a pencil skirt. The dresses were casual but still sophisticated enough to be worn at work or a social event.

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For makeup I would go for either a natural look or a smokey eye look. For the smokey eye look use more neutral brown tones as it's a sophisticated look, so don't use colours like bright blue or really dark black. For hair I would go for more loose ringlets with a black headband or even a flower crown. You could also do loose ringlets and do a half up half down hairstyle.

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4. Ariel

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Ariel is Spontaneous, Daring, Active and Energetic! To portray Ariel's style and personality I thought that she would wear more comfortable clothes clothes that you could do active things since she is so energetic but also feminine. The colours that i was inspired by was her green tail and purple bikini when she is in her mermaid state.I choose some sportier articles of clothing and then more casual feminine. I highly dislike the colour combination or green and purple so I choose separate pieces.

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For Ariels make up I would go very simple maybe just eyebrows, eyelashes and a lip gloss in a red shade. Ariel's make up and hair is very simple so you could choose a natural look or no make up at all. Her hair is free and wild so leaving your hair out is fine.

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5. Belle

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Belle is a bookworm, intelligent, loyal and speaks her mind! Being a book worm I went for comfy, cozy and casual. I went for yellow colours mainly, since her iconic ball gown is a lovely shade of yellow. I choose lots of oversized yellow sweaters as they seemed comfortable and gave off a book worm/ nerd style. Paired with the jeans, plaid pants and skirt all gave it a pleasant look.

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For hair Belle has a low ponytail and a half up half down bun hairstyle. Belle's make up like the other princesses is at a minimum of practically no make up. A nude lipstick and blush would work with a light eye shadow in brown.

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6. Jasmine

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Jasmine is described as feisty, sweet, seductive and head strong. Jasmine reminds me of Gabi/ Gabrielle off from desperate housewives so I tried to get some inspiration from her. For Jasmine her style is very revealing with plunging necklines. I choose red to be the colour palette from Aladdin 2 because I couldn't find any teal or aqua coloured clothing!

fashion, red, and dress image fashion, red, and outfit image fashion, red, and style image Image by Intricate Syndacate

Jasmine's hair is very thick and she keeps it in a low pony with an extra hair tie. For makeup Jasmine is more of a seductress so you could go for a really dark smokey eye look with a dark lipstick to compliment it.

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7 Pocahontas

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Pocahontas is independent, adventurous and free -spirited. I always thought of her as a Coachella girl, so my style is very much based off Coachella. Her colour palette will be made up of nude tones and tan tones. I went for a lot of tassel as that's what I imagined Pocahontas wearing. I couldn't find a cute tassel top though. I would prefer the tassel top to be a nude brown but I only found it in the blue grey colour.

fringes, festival fashion, and coachella fashion image gigi hadid, coachella, and model image fashion, style, and festival image brown leather skirt image

She has little to no makeup but you could do a foundation, eyebrows, eyeliner, bronzer and an orange nude tone lips. Her hair is just out and you can straighten your hair for this.

dark eyes, long black straight hair, and beautiful asian woman image aesthetic, blush, and flower image girl, tumblr, and glasses image Image by crystalrainbow

8 Mulan

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Mulan's personality is adventurous, independent and responsible. Mulan is a fighter and trained like a man so I choose a very tom boy style of clothing and very feminine as in the end she is wearing a feminine choice of clothing, but it will mainly be tom boy. The colours are nudes, greens and pink mainly found on the clothes she wore as she disguised herself as a boy and pink from the kimono she wears. I would pair black ripped jeans with the different hoodies, I don't think she would wear skirts so I choose jeans mainly.

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Her make up shows a bold blush and a pinky peach tone with eyeliner and the slightest bit of brown shadow on top. For the hair you can either do it in a bun of any sorts or being let loose (straightened.)

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9 Tiana

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Tiana is hardworking, determined and motivated. During the movie Tiana is mainly a frog throughout the movie and we mainly see her in her work clothes. I would choose a more business style, as Tiana is motivated to work hard with an explorer vibe to it. Instead of choosing green I choose a biege colour as I thought it suited better with the style. The khaki pants gave it an explorer vibe while still looking business women. The spaghetti strap blouse gave it a more casual look for the weekends.

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For hair do it in a messy bun, having loose strands out, you can curl your hair or crimp it for a more look a like style. For make up keep it simple and natural.

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Thanks for reading if you did... I hope you enjoyed it and LIKE if you would like a formal version or if you just liked my article I guess. Anyways this took me forever to make so thankyou if you read all of it!

x Lydia