I know that this article is gonna be quite long, so I don´t want to extend the intro a lot, I just want to say that please bare in mind that my life is the life of a normal girl so don´t expect anything to crazy. But without further ado, here´s my list of 𝟙𝟘𝟘 𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤 𝕀 𝕕𝕚𝕕 𝕚𝕟 𝟚𝟘𝟙𝟟.


1. Start the year with my family at my house.
2. Sing Karaoke with my friends.
3. Make a den at a boring math class.
4. Watch La La Land.

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5. Watch the Super Bowl.
6. Receive an anonymous rose in Valentine´s Day.
7. Celebrate Valentine´s Day with my friends.
8. Find out that my class would have to perform a play in front of the hole school as our final project.
9. Being elected the director of the play.
10. Choose "Grease" to be our play.
11. Say my final goodbye to my grandfather.
12. Travel to Los Cabos for the first time in a year.
13. Meet the premiere room of the international airport of Mexico City.
14. Go to a funeral for the first time.
15. Go to a restaurant that had turtles and a mini lagoon.
16. Eat a shrimp pizza.

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17. Start the essays of the play.
18. Watch the live action movie of "Beauty and the Beast".
19. Become closer to my classmates.

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20. Go to one of the biggest malls of the country.
21. Listen to Ed Sheeran´s "Divide"
22. Travel again to Los Cabos.
23. Go for the first time in a year to the beach.
24. Eat at a restaurant on the beach.
25. Watch 13 Reasons Why.
26. Start wearing rings.
27. Celebrate my cousins 15th birthday with a big family dinner.
28. Listen to "Sign of the Times" for the first time.
29. Go for the first time to my favorite hotel.
30. Celebrate Easter with my cousins.
31. Have a water balloon war.
32.Play "Who´s most likely to...?" with my cousins.
33. Fly back home.
34. Have the whole class in my house to rehearse the play.
35. Make a new good friend.

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☆ 𝑴𝑨𝒀.

36. Perform the play in front of students, teachers and parents, getting two sold out shows.
37. Make a cameo in the play.
38. Participate and win an orthography contest.
39. Listen to first time Harry Styles´debut album.
40. Celebrate a sad Mother´s Day.
41. Try Virtual Reality for the first time.
42. Do my last exams as a Junior.

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43. Make a pool party with my friends.
44. Celebrate Father´s Day.
45. Start watching the Dolan Twins.
46. Go back to my hometown after two years.
47. See my grandparents again.
48. Reunite with my best friend.
49. See again my paternal family.
50. Visit my old house and school.
51. Go shopping to San Diego.

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52. Eat a lobster burrito.
53. Visit for the first time one of my hometown´s main attractions.
54. Go and eat to places that I missed.
55. Create a Twitter account.
56. Be followed by my favorite band.

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57. Getting my passport.
58. Help my best friend get over his break up.
59. Getting a like on a twitter comment from my favorite youtuber (Roman Atwood).
60. Watch the Teen Choice Awards.
61. My grandma stay with my family for a couple months.
62. Help my brother to paint his room.
63. Get school supplies.
64. Get my first day of school suspended because of the eclipse.
65. Start my senior year.
66. Celebrate my dad´s 46th birthday.
67. Make new friends.

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68. Be surprised by my dad with a popsicles cart to celebrate the Independence of our country.
69. Turning 18.
70. Getting gifts and cakes from my family and friends.
71. Getting balloons and roses from my dad.
72. Fly out to Mexico City for my connection flight.
73. Fly out to San Francisco on my 18th birthday.
74. Getting to know the city.
75. Go the Golden Gate the next day.
76. Visit the Conservatory of flowers.
77. Met the Lombard Street.
78. Meet Harry Styles.
79. Go back home.
80. Eat a makeup themed cake.
81. Celebrate with my friends my 18th birthday with pizza and board games.
82. Write my first article in We Heart It.

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83. Go to the park with my friends.
84. Start getting information of colleges.
85. Make cupcakes with my friends.
86. Go to a Halloween Party.
87. Do my own Halloween makeup.

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88. Celebrate my mom´s 44th birthday.
89. Get my ID.

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90. Be followed on twitter by Caspar Lee.
91. Meet the snow.
92. Throw a Christmas Party.
93. Travel again to Los Cabos.
94. Stay again at my favorite hotel.
95. Celebrate my brother´s birthday.
96. Rent an apartment for the week Christmas
97. Celebrate Christmas.
98. Get a Sprocket Printer for Christmas.
99. Get on a paddle board.
100. Celebrate the New Year with my family.

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Hope you liked my article, and I know it´s almost February now but I didn´t want to loose the opportunity to do this. Please if you got inspired to write one yourself let me know, I really want to know what your year was like.