*(p.s:people too)*

Hey there, this one is for you if you feel overwhelmed and tired of things getting the way everyone's want it but you.
I choose to write it here whats on my mind right now. It maybe not make sense and I apologize for that. Maybe you feel the same.

I'm sickly tired of people getting to making me do things stuffs I don't want to, tired of the job I have because I need the money, or the pople that said is your "family" but all they want is stuffs you had or whatever.

How do I get rid off this people/situations?

I personally think 💡 maybe this is dumb. But the first step you need to do, is standing up. Let them know you're not longer that little shy one that just get the head down and do what they say. No! Not anymore. Stand up for yourself, scream out the things you don't like or disagree. Stop being calm and letting others be above you. Stop letting they taking you for granted

they know HOW they are treating you and they know your lowest point

This kind of persons act just for their own goals. Maybe they make you believe they are helping you. But as they do that, thay are taking other thing from you.

they may give you their hand... But they are hitting your back with the other.

Let me tell you, I've stood up and it's the best feeling you can have.

So don't let them. Just don't.
I say what I think. I scream the things I don't like. I don't care if they don't like who I am. Maybe they made up a person I'm not, or the one the want me to be because of their own goals. But I will not longer be who they want.