I have always been the person to not be confident in myself. And honestly no one should feel insecure about anything. I used to be insecure about my body, weight, face, etc. I always hated my body but I shouldn't because I am chubby but curvy and I do not look bad at all honestly. I am currently losing weight and I am getting really happy. I have changed my lifestyle to eating better and not as much fast food, soda, chips, etc. Honestly eating better does make you fell better about yourslef and I know it sounds "cliche" but it is so true. You are happier and not so lazy and not down and you get to live very happy. You should not be insecure about anything because everyone is different and have their own things. Embrace all the little things you have and show it off. Never ever feel ashamed. Hopefully you guys start embracing your insecurities because I can say that they are the best things ever.