Don’t you ever feel like you’re locked up? Locked in a routine, in the same people, in your family, in your habitat, in the same old things?
Like you can’t even believe how much freedom means to you now.
Don’t you feel like everyone is out there, living your dream and you don’t even know where to start.
Like, grass is greener on the other side but, how can you cross it? It’s so complicated and big, that you don’t even know how to put into words everything you think and feel.
Do you ever want to be away and start over, live life as you always wanted, not just survive.
Do you ever want to be away, each time further from where you are now.
Like you could go out of this world if it’s necessary.
Do you ever want to fly? to take off from this ground that only pulls you down?
Don’t you sometimes feel as if everyone and everything you want in life is out there and you are far from going out?

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