I got hungry so it’s one of the first ideas of article that came to my mind. It is my favourite meal indeed. Interesting for a first 2018 piece of writing lol.

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Unfortunately, it’s not everyday that we get to enjoy such a beautiful meal…especially during stressful work days when we are on hurry mode and got other things in our mind. So it makes it even more enjoyable when we have time for it.

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Why do I like it that much?
I am most of my days an early bird; and it is delightful to wake up to a breath-taking sunrise and enjoy a sweet brunch; Accompanied by some good relaxing music, an interesting book…and company if you have some ;). A breakfast is simple and less complex than the other meals. Mostly requires less time and ingredients…and that’s where the magic comes.

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Are you a Coffee or Tea person? What's your favourite hot beverage?

You have to be creative to make it fine and it absolutely doesn’t rhyme with overuse and waist. Oatmeal, açai bowl, eggs (anyways you like them), smoothies, salmon or avocado toast, croissants, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, etc…so many options. They say get yourself a man who knows how to cook…well if he sucks at that but is bomb at making breakfast I take!

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I like traveling; and food is among the best ways to discover a new culture while abroad. The tummy is not that far away from the heart. And it’s a pretty interesting experience to know how people start their day in such or such country : Arabic breakfast in Dubai,French brunch in the South of France, Canadian breakfast….it’s good stuff I had the chance to experience.

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But the absolute best…late night cereals 😍. Tastes even better at this time for some reasons. Who said you can't have two breakfasts a day?!

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My favourite ones are red berries Special K
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Here's a gif to thank you for reading all the way and make you smile if you happen to have a meh day.