Hi hearters!

How are you? anxious about starting school again or sad because vacations are about to end? I know most of you chose the second option, and me too but it´s the reality, we have to go to school. But it´s not that bad, well maybe it is but you have to focus on the future, i mean, study it´s an opportunity that not everyone has so we have to enjoy it, and yes we can do it. I know school it´s boring but not all the things are bad. Now i´m going to show you some things that makes study a little bit funny, maybe.

1. Don´t make it boring! Take advantage of what are you learning, focus on it maybe you may need it later, or not, but you may need it for the final exam.

notebook, pen, and school image

2. Buy beautiful school materials, it might inspire you to be more succesful at school and to be more motivated to study, even the subjects you don´t like.

school, study, and supplies image

3. BE ORGANIZED. Believe me, you have to be organized with your materials, notebooks, books, notes, etc. It´s the best way of gettin´motivated to study and make it a little bit funny.

school, study, and inspiration image

And well i think those are the only ones. Just remember that study will give you a lot of opportunities in your live, seize it. And i f you don´t, just remember that you have to pass the year to avoid your moher´s punishment.

PD: English is not my native language so sorry for the mistakes.

My name is Mariana and... see you soon!