Hi! And welcome again to one of my articles. This week topic is first loves!!!.This is going to be long so grab your popcorn and start reading. This is kind of a awkward moment for me since the first time I ever thought about this guys was yesterday since like 2 or 3 years.

Let's call this guy ummm Dude. So I met Dude when I was in 7 grade, he was one of my best friend's friend, she used to hang out with gamer guys and yeah. So I met him and I started to like him a little bit but not too much. Time has past and I totally forgot about my feelings towards Dude. In summer of 2014 or 2015 (Can't actually remember but anyways) Dude send me a message from kik, saying, "hey what's up?? Hope you having a good summer" and a bunch of bullpoop. In July I got to a trip to New Jersey with some of my family and I got a new ipod and opened up my kik and saw a bunch of messages from Dude. we started texting and used to tell me how pretty I was and that created a zoo in my freaking stomach. I started to have MAYOR feelings for Dude. Classes were about to start and we couldn't wait to see each other, but he put a rule..."NO ONE HAS TO KNOW THAT WERE ARE TOGETHER". I should have known that, that was a MAYOR red flag but I was stupid in love with Dude that I actually didn't mind. School started and I was in 9 grade. We used to go out of our classes and give each other a quick peck and take off. One day I was with my grandmother and a hair salon and there was wifi there so i entered my kik and saw only 1 message from him, "Hey we need to talk, we have to break up. I have to focus more in my studies. Hope we can still be friends...",

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My heart broke in pieces. I called my best friend and told her what happen and like always she is there for my stupid ass. Every time I saw him in school my heart broke a little more. Months passed and I see him with a girl like holding hands and hugging and I got jealous like mad jealous but I let it slide. One of my friends and I were walking and saw the girl with another dude kissing, my friend was really good friends with him so we took a pic and send it to him, he started saying that I was jealous and that I was photoshopping the pic, I was like "Jodete pues (in english: F*ck you then). ( In Puerto Rico nine gradeters get a graduation before going to high school) It was graduation day and baby I was feeling my freaking self, I was having so much fun with my friends but in one occasion I walked outside and saw Dude outside looking sad and I actually felt a little sad for him but I kept walking. Later that day I send him a message asking if everything was alright but he didn't answer so I kept having a good time. It was summer again and My best friend and I decided to throw a get together with some friends since we were going to different schools. when I get there most our friends were there, and Dude was there too. So I put on my "Boo You are going to regret leaving me" attitude (BIG MISTAKE BUT I WAS 14 !!!) I stared acting flirty and cute and I know he was seeing me. My best friend was on the couch and I have this bad morning that if there's no eats for me I sit in someone's lap, so I sat in my best friend's lap and they started joking about me being too comfortable so I raised my legs on top of everyone's lap including it and I stayed for a while. Slowly everybody left the couch and there we were almost cuddling in the couch but sadly I had to go. From there I never saw him, we did talk for awhile but he stopped texting so I decided to move on.

Sooooooo that is the story of my first love!! Hope you have enjoy and pleaseee like this article/story time.
Love you guyss