Hey Guys! This would be Day 3 of the writing challenge. Today's topic is all about pet peeves and knowing what mine are. Just incase you don't know what pet peeves are it is a particular thing that someone does that you find really annoying.

1. Click Clank
The title for number one is a bit odd, I know. Let me explain. It's that noise when people stir any drink with a spoon and the spoon makes this clank noise repeatedly. It's just something about it that I CANNOT stand.

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People chewing food or gum with their mouth open. I'm truly sorry if I offend anyone but I don't think its necessary to chew loudly especially if you have food or gum in your mouth.

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3. Uncollected Homework
Last but by no means least is when a teacher assigns homework and doesn't collect it. I'm the type of person that likes to turn in their assignments the day they are due. Usually I like to have my homework done later that day when it was assigned in class if possible, that way I don't worry about it. I know we have all had that day when we forget that somethings due and end up feeling bad about it.

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At the end of the day I try not to let these pet peeves ruin my day. There will always be something that annoys us that is out of our reach, but that's okay. For those reading this I hope you had a pleasant day today whether it was going to school, work, or going out with friends. Sending positive vibes your way, xo elipoise.

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