Hello Again!

It's a new year! Time to start fresh and with a clean slate. Here's ten things you need in your life right now. There's no rankings to these, so please enjoy!


List Journals

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There's endless possibilities!

A list journal can be used for many things: goals, destinations, things you want to cook or DIY, and things that make you happy. I have a destinations journal, cook list, DIY list, and things that make me happy.


An Inspirational Desk Calendar

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Get motivated every day!

A calendar with wonderful quotes can help brighten your day or motivate you. You can either make one or purchase one. A daily one for your desk is what I have, or a monthly one is just as perfect.


A Scent That You Love

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I love Bath and Body Works products because of the wide array of scents.

Honestly there is nothing I love more than a scent that I am in love with. Does that make sense?
But having some way, shape, or form of a scent you could smell your whole life can get you happy and motivated. That means lotions, hand sanitizers, candles, room sprays, and whatever else you can get your hands on!!


An Organization System

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Use the many organizational products to your advantage!

Staying organized keeps you on time throughout your entire life. You can have a bullet journal or planner or even just sticky notes on your door or a corkboard.
This isn't just limited to projects and important dates, though. Keeping your desk organized is just at important, as well as really anything. A caddy, shelves, or really anything can help you stay focused.


Clothes In Your Favorite Color

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I love the color blue, so I wear it often.

Clothes in a color you adore can help with your confidence and you'll be happier in a color that you are happy with. It'll make you feel powerful and just overall fantastic.


Playlists You Could Listen To On Repeat

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Don't you just love music?

Having a playlist is a great way to brighten your day, help you focus, or get rid of boredom. You can find a playlist or make one, with yourself, your friends, your family, or in honor of a memory/time! I, for example, have a playlist that reminds me of kindergarten, and another one for when my band got a high ranking.


A Memory Box

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Material items are so much more fun to go through!

Having a memory box is such a great way to store your memories. You can put in photos, letters, keychains, play scripts, tickets, or anything that reminds you of a special time in your life. You can do a really fancy box or just use a big shoe box like I did.


An Analog Clock

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What a good way to tell time!

Using an analog clock to tell time gets you off your phone and also being able to read an analog clock is a really great skill. As well as that, searching for a perfect clock is a marvelous adventure, as you can go to antique stores for a used clock or purchase a new one.


A Peppy Alarm Tone

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A good way to start your day!

This one sort of goes along with number 3. If you use your phone for an alarm, then choosing a bright, happy tone, is a great way to wake you up and put you in a happy mood. Also, life hack, if you put your phone in a cup, the alarm will be louder, to anyone who has trouble waking up.



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Who doesn't love fuzzy socks?

What would life be without fuzzy socks? They keep you so warm, they are so comfy, and who doesn't love sliding around like a ninja? Honestly wearing these anytime it's even slightly chilly is wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed!