It's almost been 2 years
and here I am, still haunted by your hands
those toxic fingerprints
forever burned into my skin.
Not a shred of remorse in that decaying smile of yours.
the poison in those fangs had seeped into my veins.
It hurts, my skin burns all the time. I'm tainted.
But you don't care. A smile graced your lips when I said
"You, you took everything, how can you live like you've never been better when I'm dying because of your selfishness?"
And with a sinister grin, you simply said
"Darling, don't hate me, just because it's gone."
you reach for my hand. I pull away in utter disgust.
You know what's gone I can never get back
My innocence. The light in my eyes, the spring in my step.
You replaced the butterflies in my stomach with tapeworms.
You replaced the blood in my veins with the black sludge you sold to me as love.
How could you do that?
Destroy a life just for a good story?
I hope you die as cruel and brutal a death as you gave my spirit.
I'll smile
Just like you did when you killed me.