I feel like all everybody wants is to love someone,
and to have that someone love them back.
All they want is that little hand squeeze,
a playful smile,
those precious little inside jokes
made of all happy things.
I think we forget
that though it's all good that we want these things,
we have to love ourselves
before we can truly love someone else.
It takes love for yourself to see the love others have for you.
You can never learn that people appreciate
your slightly crooked smile
unless you yourself appreciate it.
Learn to see
the light in your own eyes,
learn to love the way your hair frizzes up when it's raining,
or the way
your tears trail a perfect path down your face.
Learn to love yourself
in all your perfect imperfection,
so that you can realize how many people
love you.
Those little bits of sunshine will come.
Those little handfuls of encouragement will be more apparent.
Your eyes
will be opened
to how beautiful you really are
and how much everyone in your life
appreciates you.
mean the world.
are worth everything.