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So guys, this is a basic complete guide to improve your notebook notes for school, college, work etc, and it will help you to make your notebook pretty.


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having a nice organised notebook will help you to understand quickly what you've written so you can study easily and so you don't have any complications like don't understanding what you've written and it is more difficult to obtain good grades.

First step: Leave laziness

Being lazy is the worst thing that can happen when you want to be organised with your notes, normally when you're in the lazy mood you barely use a black pen to write everything all over the page without focusing on what you really need to write, the material you'll need for studying later.

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Step two: Improve your writing

Beside having a good orthography, a nice letter will help you a lot. If you think your letter is ugly nod you want to change it, you can always look for fonts or ideas on we heart it or Pinterest until you find the one you like. (Tip: don't try on a hard elaborated one, try to find a easy and pretty one, because if you are trying on a new letter and it's difficult it will be a deal to write when the teacher is explaining fast or you need to copy something quickly.)
To help improving your letter it's always good to write a word over and over or maybe a phrase so you get to write like that.

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Step three: Use your pencil right

What I used to do before is that when I wrote I took the pencil really hard so I haven't even written a whole page and my hand was already tired. In this case you won't be able to keep writing and your hand will hurt, conclusion: your letter won't be preety.

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Step four: Use colors

Once you've gotten your letter style a good tip is to use colors when writing.
It makes your notes look prettier and more organised. If you're more of the perfectionist kind, (because this can be too much for some people) you can choose a colour for every subject or when using highlighters use each colour for certain thing.

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Example: use yellow for important stuff you'll know you need to study later.

Step five: Use highlighters and sticky notes

I've mentioned before how highlighters work. And they are pretty useful. They don't just work for highlighting texts in books. Sticky notes have been my favourites, I use them for everything, most of all for writing ideas that the teacher say or that I think that can be useful for later or for writing little notes that are more important and that I should focus on when studying.

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Step six: Nice headers

Once when improving your letter has become easier, and you're writing as it was your own, you can focus on doing nice headers of different preety colors and nice fonts.
In my account you can find a collection that I made of fonts that I liked for headers that I use when taking notes at school.

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Later I'll be doing an article about hoy to make a bullet journal :)

The thing is, you can't obviously take your cellphone in the middle of the class to look at fonts to make your titles, so what I recommend you is that when you have free time, (that kind of time when you say "I have nothing to do") you can get a white page and start copying all fonts you would like to use so you can take them out anytime you want to make a title etc.

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Step seven: Little drawings are never too much

Adding little stuff like arrows to your notes is always a good idea, also if you're kind of a visual person and you like to draw like me, you can also do drawings according of what you've written (I'm not telling you to do a Picasso but a cute little drawing is ok)

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Add banners to your titles, little branches, stars and flowers to make it look prettier.
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Step eight: Try to be organised

Having a ruler close to you will help, a organised straight paragraph will help you to understand the order of what you've written and it will look perfectly good.
In my opinion, notes look prettier when you do two columns in the page, but it's up to you!

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Step nine: A nice notebook

This is the beginning of everything. If you want perfect notes, you'll have to start with buying a nice notebook, having that ones that the pages are flat and when you use a marker you can see what you wrote at the other side of the paper is a NO WAY.
Try to find a good quality notebook that has thick pages, so you're comfort to write in.

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Step ten: Nice materials are a check

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I'm going to give you, from my personal experience, the materials I've being using.
The zebra mildliners are something is worth to get.
Also the crayola supertips are really good markers to make the titles.
The notebook is up you you and what you can afford.
Don't worry if you can't get these, you can also find new ones according to your likes. 😉

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zebra mildliners crayola supertips

Final tip: Important notes

The most of the important studying facts that will help you, teachers say it out loud, so you have to be focused and try to copy the most of what the teacher say. That will improve your grades, I can assure you.
Normally in that case you won't be able to do all the little drawings and stuff, what I recommend you is to copy and leave spaces (copy in pencil what you're going to put on those spaces so you don't forget anything) meanwhile the teacher isn't explaining you can fill those spaces with pretty things, do the title you want etc.

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For having pretty notes you don't have to invest that much, only have to be creative, and organised. If you start to do it, don't leave it and you'll see how everybody ask you for your notes and you'll get better grades, also it's a start for a nice routine and a organised, free-laziness life.