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Okay as you could see in the title, this article will be about how to stay motivated in your fitness/health journey BECAUSE I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS, TRUST ME GURL, i know what is to have ZERO MOTIVATION to get that workout done and eating well but it isn't impossible. I also want to share something kind of personal with you guys and is that i haven't been so active lately with my health and eating, i've been eating like CRAP and i know, i know i have to get back on track, promise i will! (hope these tips that used before help me now hahaha) it will, and it will help you too, so now you now, we're together♡

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Okay so you may be like: yeah, ofc i've heard that tons, give me another tip please! WAAAAIT! trust me, i've been there too, so i made my own kind of tip and is that right before you fall into a bad eating habit or an unhealthy habit toward your body stop right there and think to yourself:

- Is this really worth it? Look at yourself in the mirror, take five deep breaths and close your eyes, keep your mind in silence or at least try, don't try to picture anything, just remain in calm as long as you need it. Then, open your eyes, look in the mirror the awesome creation you are. You don't deserve suffering babe, if it won't make you feel good then stop it. Take another deep breathe and focus on your goal, wether is about getting better at your workouts or eating better, only think about it, don't make any other space for other thoughts, it's just you and your goals in the room now.

Now go and get it!

I emphasize this because i think that focusing in your health comes from inside, you need to control your mind so you can control your body too!

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2. Stop the Self-Sabotage.

Mmmm...yes, i see you girl/boy, don't try to lie to me! we all have done this! (i mean i have like two weeks doing it) and honestly this is something i can REALLY RELATE TO BUT, i have the magic pill that will SAVE YOU FROM YOU yup. The thing is that we think we can eat the whole fridge and kill a workout with like 3248264823649247912 minutes of cardio AND IT SHOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS. We need to stop thinking that after eating really awful we can solve it, that's where the problem is. Here's what i think WE (because like the Wild Cats we're in this together) NEED TO TAKE A STEP BACK before we get into the temptation and say to ourselves: Honey, you ain't going to kill yourself tomorrow just for a piece of cake, got it?

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It is okay to eat WHATEVER you want but honestly, not all the time, it won't be healthy for you. I suggest to have 2-3 foods you enjoy in the week so you won't feel tempted to have only one day to end the world's food lol.

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3. Stop scrolling PLEASE!

Yup, we all have been here. Guys this is a problem, let me explain myself. The thing is we spend so much time on social media, looking for "INSPIRATION" HA, sure, I mean, yeah sometimes help BUT i don't think is the healthiest way to get motivation, don't depend of girls you see through a screen and think: "Gosh, ain't getting that pizza 'cause i gotta look like that Barbie" NUH-UH, YOU should be your own inspiration, i mean just think there weren't phones in the world HOW THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO GET INSPIRATION HUH? i now it's kind of hard but just think about a day you killed your workout or you were really happy about your journey,
can you get that motivation back?
OFC YOU CAN! Because you were capable the, you will be capable now too! you still the same beauty so, yup. You better stop comparing yourself with media's princesses and start being your No. 1 Fan.♡

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4. Your Mind Needs to workout and eat too!!!

WHAT? Girl, my mind doesn't need that okay? okay!
WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BOOBOO: Your mind, just like your body, needs to be feeded and worked; but...with what? you may be thinking. Well, give this a try:

❥Getting rid of bad thoughts.
❥Being positive about YOUR LIFE and focusing on it.
❥Letting go on things you CAN'T control.
❥Loving WHO YOU ARE DESPITE EVERYONES OPINION, including social media wich has the total control of the world.
❥Letting you be you.
❥Treaating yourself properly.
❥If he/she doesn't love you, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, it also doesn't mean there's something wrong with them, it means he/she is just not for you, so keep swimming Nemo.

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Hope this help you guys, i will practice it too (much needed). Please let me now if you applied all, some or one of these tips, i really want to know!

Lღve U so much, please be strong, things always get better.


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Much love,