is the only word
that can describe
our relationship

is the only word
that can describe
our feelings to each other

i almost love you
you almost interested in me
i almost give everything to you
you almost take everything from me

i almost try to make it work
you almost give up
until both of us
can't take it anymore

i remember
it was thursday
we were supposed to meet
because i missed you so bad

my exam was finally over
i was happy
that i could finally meet you,
that i could finally smile again
because i was going to see your face

but then
you texted me
"I gotta tell you something"
you said

you don't know
and you'll never know
that my heart
was beating so fast at that moment

assuming things
good things
but mostly
bad things

I didn't reply
I was just staring at my screen
too scared to open your text
too scared of what might happen

"I'm seeing someone else"
you said
through text
and we haven't even met yet

is the only word
that can describe
my feelings at that time

i almost broke into tears
i almost curse
mostly to myself
i almost blame myself
for not seeing it from the beginning
that we almost become a thing
but almost is never enough

that's why
i decided to let you go
cause i want you to be happy
and that's enough