I already know

I know I'm not very funny, I don't have many stories to tell, I don't have many friends, I'm different from others.

I thought I was important to you
I was wrong

It's hard to know that it's so easy to replace me
Sometimes I feel like nobody cares

On second thought, you are only with me, you only talk to me, you only send me a message when your others "friends" leave you.
There you remember that I will always be there for you.

(If you have a friend that you know you can count on, never leave it, because other "friends" ask you to, they make you choose, because those "friends" are more fun, because you start to trust them, that trust is MOMENTANE
Don't lose a real friend, for others that will only bring you problems and disappointments.)

We all get tired at some point.

Thank you for reading me.
Keep Dreaming, Keep Doing.