Hi! If you don't have idea who is Loreen, you need to listen her songs and you will love her (like me).♡

1. Euphoria

''We are here, we're all alone in our own Universe,
We are free, where everything's allowed and love comes first,
Forever and ever together, we sail into infinity,
We're higher and higher and higher, we're reaching for divinity

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2. Heal (feat. Blanks)

''This time we will
Turn around and say the words that make us heal
And then we will
We will know and never more go back to this
You gotta give something something something to love

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3. I'm In It With You

''What were you thinking?
Why did you let go?
I was still holding you
What were you thinking
Why didn't I know?
When I was right there with you

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4. My Heart Is Refusing Me

''I've been crushed beaten down
And I'm frozen to the ground
Like a fool I've trusted you
Still I'm hopelessly in love

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5. We Got The Power

''I got a feeling
Tonight if we give in
Let it just take us
The music will guide us
Baby where we find it
Whenever we lost it
The power of love again

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6. Crying Out Your Name

''I'll be crying out your name
Drink through all this pain tonight
I don't even wanna fight
I know when the battle's lost

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7. Do We Even Matter

''You know me better than I know myself
I'm about to burst I need your help
Don't wanna lose you but I can't go on
Without knowing

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8. Statements

''Karma, karma, come and dance with me
Read between the lies and set me free
Imagine the beginning of the end
And we don't need to ever talk again

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9. Sober

''I know this moment will be over
Tomorrow comes when we are sober
Will we feel the same or let it be?
Will you be there?

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10. Breaking Robot

''Baby you know that I told you that I'm done with you
There's no need to cry tears only drown you slowly
Baby you know that I told you a million times to let me be
Baby you know 'cause I, I told you to set me free

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¡Hope you like it!