You're the rain easing my pain
You calm my mind so hard to find
Where is it when you're not there?
Probably by the window, trying to remember your voice
Contemplating your face which is fading away
My mind comes back to me at night, and I'm running away
Out of my mind cause if I stay,
Your laugh will be my lullaby
Your smile will be my sun
Your skin will be my sin
I couldn't turn it off cause the button will be too far
Everything will forever be turned on,
But the electricity bills are too expensive...
I put too much effort to keep you by my side,
Gave you all I had, and it still wasn't enough
You made me feel like I wasn't worth your love, I wasn't worth you to stay
So if the price to pay to keep your far away is my sanity,
Then I let go of my mind and who I used to be.

Thank you for reading me! It's my first article here and I decided to post one of my poèmes i wrote a month after my break-up. Please tell me what you think and if you'd like to read other poems of mine?

Love, take care,