Hi guys.

Did you ever felt that you are numb inside?

You crave for love, attantion, affection..but when somebody gives you what you want you run away because you don’t know how to react.
Did you know that feeling that you really need somebody in your life? Missing those moment when you laught so bad that your stomach hurts...when you are in love..

Yeah..me too.

I don’t really open myself up usually, but i feel that maybe i’ll help somebody understand the way that they feel right now.

It’s ok to feel sad, it’s ok to miss all the good time in your life, it’s ok to wonder if you ever will love again, it’s ok to hate couples, it’s ok to feel weird around couples, it’s ok to miss hugs and kisses. It’s ok to feel numb. It’s ok to feel everything you feel right now. It’s ok.

You have to accept it. Accept yourself and your moods.

Maybe right now you feel that nobody will understand you, nobody will love you again. But that’s not true.

You’ll love again, you’ll have great memories, you’ll have a great relationship, you just need to wait and become your best verson.

Sorround yourself with friends, familly, and many many people. You’ll feel weird at the start ( i did) but it helps a lot. You see diferent stories, you’ll feel love for them, you’ll be close to them, and you’ll better day after day. Give yourself all the time you need and you’ll be happy again.

Maybe it’s not what you really want right now, but it’s what you need. Believe me, i was there, i fight myself throught it, it was the worse time of my life, but i did it.

You can too! I trust you!

Maybe you’ll think about me that i’m dumb, and i don’t know what are you feeling right now...but, yeah maybe i don’t know, but i know you’re strong enaugh to fight it. I know you can do it. I know you’ll find love again. I know you’ll have great friends around you. I know you’ll become what you always wanted to become. I trust you.

I hope you find some of the suport you need right now in this article.

See you soon.