When I found the #FindYourHalf challenge I thought it was a great idea. Since I was young I never really had a best friend, someone that enjoys the same things that I do and someone that I could talk to all the time about anything. I have a few friends and they are great but I never felt that one of them was the one. So I’m giving this a try, to see if my lost half is somewhere out there in the world searching for me as well.


I’m 21 (soon to be 22) and from Portugal (sorry if there's errors)
I’m currently studying biology in university, but I don’t know yet what I want to do with my life. I kinda want to become a cop because I see so many wrong things and I want to do something to help people, but I don’t know if I'm able to. Despite wanting a job like that I’m a girl and quite a sensitive one.

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What defines me

  • Art – I love photography/ paintings/ drawings/ creativity/ DIY and the way simple things can create grandeur
  • Music – I like a bit of everything (from classic to rock), all that it is necessary is for the music to mean something to me
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  • Movies/ Tv shows – I need an app to manage all of it so you can see that I watch a lot of things
  • Books – I absolutely love reading, the way it makes me disconnect from the world and focus on different lifes, I’m one of those persons that live the stories deeply and just like the music, I read a bit of everything (fantasy, mystery, romance, biography)
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  • Games – I like board games (but they are expensive in my country) and some video games (I played league of legends and I’m thinking of giving a shot to dungeons and dragons to see what it’s like)
  • Travel – I love exploring new places and I would like to do that with a friend but I don’t have that kind of money so I have to save first to be able to travel
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  • Animals – I currently have two dogs and one cat (all girls) but I love a lot of other animals too (specially horses)
  • Sports – I played basketball, football, gymnastics and karate (some with friends and some professionally), currently I’m going to start swimming and practice a bit of yoga and running (maybe)
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Some opinions

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I think the universe is an amazing thing, I have a lot of questions about the origin of it all and I love watching the sunsets, the sunrises, the moon and the stars.
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The night out for most of the young people in my country is going to bars and get drunk, I don't share the idea that you're the happiest when you're drunk like most of them and no one understands my opinion (some don't respect it). I prefer bowling or cinema or staying cosy at home watching a season or reading an entire book and eating (lots of eating).
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I’m a good listener and people say that I give good advices. When I first meet someone, I can be shy and quiet, but if I like you and know you a little bit better I can talk a lot.
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I already lost friends once so I don’t like to force friendships. If you don’t like me I respect that and hope you won't be hateful for what I said because I don't like nor tolerate hateful people. If you like me I won't not let you down and I’ll be loyal to you because I know that real friendships are hard to come by these days.

And I guess that’s it, if you manage to read until this part then you might actually be my half, I’m hoping to find you and if not then I hope you #FindYourHalf!

Hearts and love to you all,