hi, thanks for checking out my article! I thought it'd be a good idea to share some of my favorite artists that aren't too well known yet. Sharing your music playlist is a good way for people to get to know you. But be warned, my music is all over the place lol. ENJOY!

Lo Moon

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I just got inrtoduced to Lo Moon, but they already are so dope

Lo moon is a trio Indie music group, consisting of Matt Lowell, Cristana Baker, and Sam Stewart. They've been creating music for almost 6 years, since "Loveless". They have 5 songs out and my personal fav is This Is It.


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This is PRETTYMUCH, and boy oh boy, do I love PRETTYMUCH. They are a Canadian-American pop boyband. They formed in 2016 and they include Zion Kuwonu, Edwin Honoret 😍 Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter and Nick Mara. Their hits include No More ft. French Montana and Would You Mind.

Years & Years

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Years & Years is a British electronica trio, founded in London, UK. Y & Y includes frontman and piano/keyboard player Olly Alexander (OLLY 😍 ), bass guitarist Mikey Goldsworthy, and keyboardist Emre Türkmen. One of their most popular songs in King and its my JAM AF.

James Bay

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James Bay. Oh my gosh. James is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He released his single "Hold Back the River" in 2014 which is certified platinum. He then released his studio album Chaos and the Calm. His music is classified as : Independent music, Folk rock, Soul music, Blues, Country music. And his Spotify session of "If You Ever Want To Be In Love" makes me cry in so many good ways.


And Last But Not Least


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Now, I fangirl over them so much it's ridiculous. Why Don't We is an American pop boyband, that came together on September 27, 2016. WDW includes Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron. Each of them have previously been solo artists. They are currently about to headline SOLD OUT tour! (Guess who's going for the second time??) Their first debut single, Taking You, was released on October 7th, 2016, less than a month later. More recent songs of theirs are These Girls, Turn It Off and Invitation

Thanks for taking the time to read my very first Article! Hope you enjoyed and will add these beautiful people to your playlists! Love, Kira