I'm back, sweet readears! Today I'm doing the #thisismechallenge, and like I did in one of my past articles, I show you how I am, but through pictures. This will be so funny, so let's start!


fashion and clothing image casual, clothes, and clothing image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion and instagram image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and clothes image


bag, fashion, and style image fashion, white, and bra image art, beige, and museum image aesthetic, indie, and alternative image


book, reading, and bed image interior, minimal, and minimalism image girl, fashion, and bath image green, aesthetic, and Letter image


read, reading, and morning image aesthetic, rose, and bath image kindness, self-confidence, and pastel pink image god, artist, and art image


Image removed food, fruit, and healthy image food, healthy, and salad image breakfast, healthy, and yummy image


girl, sunset, and yoga image quotes, kindness, and text image confidence, self love, and love yourself image white, chair, and grey image


greek, percy jackson, and pjo image art, sculpture, and statue image quotes, happiness, and hurt image quotes, love, and book image


clothing, clothes, and fashion image coffee image jewelry, earrings, and minimal image interior image

Thanks for reading, see you soon in my next article! ✿