hi everyone! my skin has been so much better lately so i thought making this article to help, but remember every skin is different!

1. Drink a lot

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Water cleans our bodies from the inside. Plus our skin looks much fresher when we drink enough. You can also drink water with some fresh lemon, berries or cucumber slices.

2. Work out

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working out keeps your skin clear because it increases your blood circulation and that makes your skin renew itself a lot faster.

3. Eat healthy

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Our skin needs several nutrients to stay healthy and to look great. Especially nutrients like vitamin c, calcium and iron.

4. Reduce the amount of milk

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There are hormones in the milk that can increase acne and that can affect the hormone balance. Plus milk increases our blood sugar level. And there a great alternatives for cow milk, e.g. soy milk, almond milk, rice- or coconut milk.

5. Reduce stress

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i know it is easier said than done. But you can really see from someones skin is stressed. Try working out, meditation, yoga, running etc!

6. Get enough sleep

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Your body releases hormones at night that makes you recover. And of course dark circles under your eyes disappear

7. Wash your pillow

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During the day our hair absorbs all the pollution from the air – and all this dirt lands in our pillow. So when you lay with your face on your pillow you can imagine that this can‘t be good for your skin

8. Remove your makeup

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skin will become dry and you will get pimples. Plus your eyelashes can break when you still have mascara on.

9. Go for a peeling

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Every 28 days our skin renews itself and than it can help to erase the dead cells with a soft peeling. Your face will look so much fresher afterwards. B

10. Use natural products

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People with skin problems should do that too and use natural products instead. By the way this is also better for the environment.