hi! i thought this kinda series would be nice - i am going to post a new playlist including 5-15 songs each month of 2018! enjoy

miss you
— louis tomlinson
miss you and louis tomlinson image
this song is still my shit, i am so proud of my king
— bea miller
little, music, and nails image
i can't help but fall in love with songs that have a meaning like this
for you
— liam payne & rita ora
for you, rita ora, and liam payne image
— jaden smith
jaden smith and syre image
— wens
life, singer, and song image
— ella mai
Ella, tour, and ella mai image
simply beautiful lyrics
— maggie lindemann
maggie lindemann image
love her instagram, as well
— marshmello
marshmello image
lyrics of that song represent my life
um yea
— quality control, offset & cardi b
offset, cardi b, and migos image
the village
— wrabel
the village, wrabel, and music image
amazing lyrics - nothing wrong with being who you are
— sigrid
Sigrid image
— ariana grande
album, diva, and gif image
how could i not put my queen in here?
i want to write you a song
— one direction
Image by C
a lil more hiatus pain

really hope you guys will like this, seeing as it's also only my first article!
— karla